Orbiting The Giant To Do List

Are you orbiting a giant to do list and having trouble getting anything done?
This happens to me when I get too many projects going at once – I think it's the bane of a creative person.


When this happens I return to a simple bit of time management advice I got many years ago;  choose the ONE thing that will move your project or your business forward and make sure you do it. It's so much easier to actually accomplish the ONE thing as opposed to a whole list of action steps and when done on a daily basis your most important goals are reached.

Because I have multiple projects going at once, I've expanded this bit of advice to help me identify the ONE THING per project and I've turned it into a visual worksheet. The worksheet helps you list a few key action steps and then narrow in on the ONE thing. You can even color in the worksheet  – use colored markers and  basically bring a little fun to the process – and on top of that coloring is great for reducing stress.

You can download the worksheet here; It's the Chunk It Down Worksheet  ENJOY!

How many items on your to do list right now will actually move forward an important project or grow your business? What is the ONE thing you can to today?

Women Can Do Anything

I was recently interviewed for an article (along with several other interesting entrepreneurs) in a great web ezine called Woman Can Do Anything. The article is called 
I Have an Idea: Now What?
written by Lorette C. Luzajic  www.thegirlcanwrite.net

Here’s the intro;

Poor Marge Simpson—she’s tried real estate, carpentry, pretzel sales,
popsicle-stick art and the police force, but always ends up dejected.
Marge has plenty of ideas but none of them ever see fruition.

Then there’s a different Marj. WCDA Business Member Marj Sawers, the dynamo of Business Connectory,
started selling snack-sized cups of handpicked blueberries to train
passengers when she was eight. Later, she tried wedding shows and
planning, trendspotting, connecting businesses with services, website
hosting, connecting neighbours online and mentoring. And she still does
it all!

I bet if we took a random poll and asked women if they ever feel
like the first Marge, every last one of us would raise her hand.

The secret to success
Or would we? Coaching expert Marcy Nelson-Garrison says…..

To find out what I had to say go here;
I Have an Idea: Now What?