Creative Exercise – Metaphors for Choosing!

This is a fun way to look at choices with new eyes. It works best when you (or a client, student, friend etc.) have multiple options and are having trouble choosing or perhaps prioritizing.
Use metaphors!  Animals, methods of transportation, places on a map, water, toys, etc.
Lets say you choose an animal metaphor.
Assign an animal to each choice.
If choice “A” was an animal, what would it be?
If choice “B” was an animal, what would it be?
Continue for each choice.
Sometimes just the act of assigning the animal gives you a bucket load of information about a particular choice. If one of them is a skunk for example – that choice might be a stinker or at the very least requires you to exercise caution.
When it’s more subtle, exploring the qualities of each animal will yield the new perspective needed to choose.
Shifting out of the same old way of looking at something can be very fruitful!