Remembering your own intentions

Do you ever set an intention and then conveniently forget
it? Maybe the next day around noon you think – oh yah, I was going to only look
at email only twice a day or I was going to drink 8 glasses of water
today.  New habits, shifts in thinking or
behavior take focus and frankly – reminding, to break the default grove. There
are a lot of fun ways to remind yourself; wear a wrist band with a message, put
up post it notes, add a reminder to your screen saver.  If you are like me – any given structure
lasts about 2-3 weeks and then I don’t notice it any more – I’m always on the
lookout for new ways to remind and inspire myself.

 Here is a brand new way that is fun and colorful – it’s a
product called Thought SpotsThese 'spots' are made out of that
clinging vinyl material so you can use them over and over and they stick on
glass, metal, plastic – any shiny surface. MOTIVATE01-2-sm

The messages come in themed thought packs like self love and
acceptance and motivation. Imagine having a message on our computer or white
board that says “I am enough” or “live with passion” or “try something that
scares you”

It’s a great concept and it’s now available in the Coaching
Toys Store.