Great Find: The Goal Setting Tool Kit

GOALS-Coaching-Tools-Pack-233x300Emma-Louise over at the Coaching Tools Company is a genius at coming up with tools and processes you can use with clients and all of her tools are fully customizable. That means you can add your branding.
She has a special going on right now for The Goal Setting Tool Kit
8 goal-setting forms and tools:
1. 3 Month Vision Worksheet
2. Annual Goal Setting Worksheet (a 7 part process)
3. A Get Perspective Vision Worksheet
4. Goals Motivator – Find Your Hidden Treasure
5. Nail That Goal – (SMART Goal Setting Template)
6. The Rocking chair + Two Other Life Vision Exercises
7. Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming! Tool

You will find a full description of each of these forms and tools plus a link to an article on how and when to use them with clients at The Coaching Tools Company