Emoticons – Perfect for EQ Work

EmoticonsEmoticons are an easy and popular way to express a feeling – even Facebook has embraced them. They make a perfect tool for anyone who works with emotional intelligence.

This great new deck called EmojiCARDS offer a fun way to play with emoticons in your group work and training programs. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, a training initiative, or for just plain fun.The cards invite participants to engage in conversation about their emotions, feelings, or experiences.

The cards cover a wide range of emotions an individual may experience and range from silly, happy, sad, enraged, confused, and even embarrassed.

Here's an excerpt from the review of this product I wrote for choice, the magazine of professional coaching Vol 13 Issue 4

"Since “EQ” is thought to be one of the strongest contributors to success, it is important for coaches to engage the topic in meaningful ways.

Whether you tackle the topic head-on through training or weave it into other work you do, the emojiCARD decks will make it easy…… it is so much easier to look at an emoticon and say yes, that’s frustration, that’s eager, that’s bored, that’s cool as a cucumber and that’s definitely a “gotcha” face.

"Coaching" happens via questions that facilitate exploration of the chosen card."

The deck is fun, accessible and a great addition to your tool box.

Learn More Here: EmojiCARDS

Tools To Help Clients In Career Transition

UnnamedIf your specialty isn't career coaching or counseling but you are getting more clients showing up with that as the focus, here's something that will help you serve them well.

It's a Career Coaching Tool Pack that you can customize for your business.

It includes:
1. Boost Your Strengths Exercise
2. Career Discovery Pondering Questions Sheet
3. Career Values Workbook
4. Personal Swot Exercise
5. Reclaim Your Power At Work Exercise.

Did I mention that these are all customizable? this means you can add your branding, logo and custom edits. What a time saving resource.

Check it out here: Career Coaching Tool Pack

DIY Idea For New Year Intentions

Popsicle-stick-bracelet-diyI found this cool idea on Pinterest that could very easily be adapted as a structure to remind you (or a client) of something you are working on and want to remember. What a great way to remind yourself of a new Year Intention. It would be a fun thing to do with kids too. The picture and instructions come from www.doitandhow.com
The bracelets are made with popsicle sticks and the process is super easy.
1. Boil sticks for about 15 minutes.
2. Let them cool.
3. Place in empty cup to curl overnight (or dry).
4. Paint or decorate  
 The paint and decorate stage is where you can turn the bracelet into that powerful reminder, question or affirmation.
For Example
Pause…..aaahhh Bracelet-bold
What Does My Body Need?
Be Bold Today!
It's OK to Ask For Help
Move That Body!

*Materials: I recently discovered acrylic paint markers – they work great for lettering.

I'd love to see what you come up with!

Coaching Toys ICF/Holiday Sale Nov 30-Dec 6

Sale-Prize-09-R Since we won't be at the ICF conference this year we are having a virtual booth and holiday sale starting today (Cyber Monday) and running through the ICF conference next weekend.

You can't have a Coaching Toys booth without Blinky Lights (our traditional Jade-Purple-t conference give-away) so every purchase gets a free blinky AND  a free book on Sacred Healing AND gets entered into a big grand prize drawing; a $50 gift certificate and 1 month of coaching from the founder of Coaching Toys, Marcy Nelson-Garrison.

Once you get to the sale and see all the great deals this year – you will be a happy shopper. You will get better deals than if we were at the conference and you don't have to worry about fitting it into your luggage.

Some of our most popular items are on sale and you will find free shipping (US and Canada only) on select items. Big savings on coaching tools like the Relationship Coaching Home Study Course, Essential Edge Self-Guided Coaching Workbook, Career-3 pack and on fun things like Thought Spots and Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit.UYLVNewsm

It's really the best sale we have ever had – it supports the coaches and counselors and trainers who create these cool products and it's a way to give gifts with heart and meaning.

The Coaching Toys annual sale starts today!