NEW Product: Leader vs Leader Cards

Leader-vs-leaderLeader vs Leader Cards
What makes a leader great?
This question is the starting place for Leader vs Leader. Using this deck of 64 historical leaders to facilitate conversations on leadership will give you plenty of material to work with.
By comparing two historical leaders to each other you encourage reflection and engagement.
One way to use Leader vs Leader in a group setting is to pair participants up and give each a Leader vs Leader card. The pairs engage in conversation about the traits, accomplishments and impact of each leader to determine who was the better leader of the two and why. You then bring everyone together to share the learning. Expect this to be a high energy activity with lots of learning.
If you are engaged in leadership development through facilitation, coaching, training or teaching, this would be a great tool for you.
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Take A Mini Break!

77cc5803ff0a428ca7a1bf0512725081There is abundant research pointing to the benefits of mindfulness including; stress reduction, increased insight and improved memory and focus. Taking mini breaks, especially during times you are really busy can keep you grounded and focused.

Here are three short mindfulness exercises from a deck called Growing Mindful by clinical psychologists Mitch Abblett and Chris Willard.

  1. Heartfulness
    Place one hand palm up in the other hand. Then place both over your heart. close your eyes. Notice sensations, notice emotions, as you take three breaths.

  2. The Tree
    Stand tall with the confidence of a huge tree. Breathing in, I see myself as a tree… Breathing out, I fee confident and strong….. Repeat for 5 breaths.
  3. Don't Just Do Something
    Sit there, doing nothing, for one full minute. My invitation is to choose a favorite and use it frequently in the coming weeks.

Great Assessment Tool For Coaches

Nine box 2.0Assessments are a great tool for coaches whether working privately or within organizations. They enhance your professionalism and provide a valuable foundation for the coaching engagement.

Nine Box 2.0 Coachability Assessment is a new tool designed specifically for the coaching industry. It is powerful, easy to use and affordable.

It measures key elements related to performance and openness to feedback. It identifies the strengths and the gaps in self efficacy, time management, decision making, emotional well-being, self-awareness, self-responsibility, behavior change and openness to feedback. These are all essential skills for success.

What a powerful way to engage a prospect or a new client. Not only is it perfect for individual coaches, it is a powerful tool to take into organizations.

It comes packaged with FIVE Assessments

Learn More Here: Nine Box 2.0 Assessment

A Little “Writing” Play

WritingplayIf you are in business for yourself you probably do a fair amount of writing. It can sometimes get routine. Try a creative writing exercise to loosen things up a bit.
Below are two writing prompts from FAME Cards, Writing prompts for the right and left brain
The prompts in the deck are divided into 4 types of prompt – Focus, Awareness, Momentum, Expression. I chose one from Focus and one from Expression.
From Focus: "Watch the sky and write one line."
From Expression: "Go to the closet, create a costume, and come out writing."
Have fun!

Emoticons – Perfect for EQ Work

EmoticonsEmoticons are an easy and popular way to express a feeling – even Facebook has embraced them. They make a perfect tool for anyone who works with emotional intelligence.

This great new deck called EmojiCARDS offer a fun way to play with emoticons in your group work and training programs. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, a training initiative, or for just plain fun.The cards invite participants to engage in conversation about their emotions, feelings, or experiences.

The cards cover a wide range of emotions an individual may experience and range from silly, happy, sad, enraged, confused, and even embarrassed.

Here's an excerpt from the review of this product I wrote for choice, the magazine of professional coaching Vol 13 Issue 4

"Since “EQ” is thought to be one of the strongest contributors to success, it is important for coaches to engage the topic in meaningful ways.

Whether you tackle the topic head-on through training or weave it into other work you do, the emojiCARD decks will make it easy…… it is so much easier to look at an emoticon and say yes, that’s frustration, that’s eager, that’s bored, that’s cool as a cucumber and that’s definitely a “gotcha” face.

"Coaching" happens via questions that facilitate exploration of the chosen card."

The deck is fun, accessible and a great addition to your tool box.

Learn More Here: EmojiCARDS