Coloring in your cubicle? It’s good news!

Coloring and doodling made the national news recently. It is
true! A study proved that doodling during a meeting or phone conversation helps
you focus. Those of us who doodle regularly know that it’s never been about
going off into lala land and not paying attention. It actually keeps the mind
from daydreaming and allows it to be more receptive.

It’s ability to reduce stress and keep minds from wandering
off in a meeting offers a cost benefit to companies. How cool is that! I’m all
for a coloring book in every cubicle and coloring sheets in every meeting! If
it can work in corporate arena imagine other stressful settings – dentist’s
waiting rooms, talking to your therapist and these days a meeting with your financial planner.

All joking aside, I have always found coloring to be
soothing and restful. It does quiet the incessant inner chatterbox and it is
nice to have that scientifically validated. It’s an easy, creative way to take a
stress break and there are lots of free sources for downloadable images perfect
for coloring.