Roller Derby, Sky Diving & Skinny Dipping – Getting out of the box

20091030-tows-jump-120x90 When
was the last time you challenged a client or yourself to really step
outside of your comfort zone? Not just a tiny stretch but a really
big, out of the box leap – something you have never done before,
something that scares the bejebees out of you?

A recent Oprah show did when they led a group of women whose confidence
had been under seige on an out of the box journey. The women
participated in three daring activities: skating in a roller derby (fishnet
stockings included), sky diving (attached to a trainer) and skinny
dipping in the ocean (with Oprah's camera team shooting). check out the YouTube clip

What was truly exciting was the impact taking these risks had on the
women. It was visible and even profound for some of them. Without a
doubt, each woman felt more confident and powerful. Each woman was
given a charm bracelet with a charm to remind them of each
risk/stretch/leap they participated in.

What big out of the box leap is on the horizon for you?

I would love to hear about your of the box leaps (or your clients). What did you do and what was the impact?