Cool New Relationship Tool

Relating game pic If you are a relationship coach, you want your clients to have healthy, vibrant, dynamic relationships. And if you are in a relationship – you want that too!

The Relating Game card deck is an inquiry based conversation tool that offers lots of ways for partners to engage with one another. There are 4 "suits" or categiories filled with conversation prompts and activities.


One of my favorite features of this deck is the Competencies suit.


As you explore competencies you identify the ones you have and the ones you need to grow in order to achieve specific relationship goals – this is where it takes on a uniquely coaching flavor.


There is a lot to this deck and it's hard to get a feel for it's richness by looking at the box so I created a video that gives you a close up look at whats inside.  You can see it here: The Relating Game Demo


 You can learn more and purchase the deck here: The Relating Game