Priming the ‘creative idea’ pump

I’m a new blogger and the ‘blogging experts’ say to post at least two to three times a week for it to be effective.  That little bit of information has activated a couple of threads of ‘gremlin’ chatter for me. The most predominant is; you won’t have enough to say, you will run out of ideas, the creative well will run dry. Sound familiar to any of you?

It got me thinking about how to keep the creative juices flowing and what to do when I need a jump start.  My training and back ground as a visual artist helps. What works well in one medium translates across other mediums – including the medium of entrepreneurship.

Taking action VS waiting for inspiration

I have learned that you can actively invite in the creative muse rather than wait around for her to magically show up. I’ve come up with three easy ways to prime the creative pump. The 3 S’s; Studio, Sift and Stimulus can be used independently or all together to spark a new idea or direction