Art Camp – Final Thoughts

It’s been a couple of weeks now since my art camp experience
and there continues to be plenty to reflect on. Here are a few of the gems I am walking away with related to art making 

 Creative work is re-invigorated when assumptions are

 The magic happens when you find that balance between
experimentation, risk and order.

 “You need to have faith in something bigger than yourself. If
you are the sole source of creating the ‘order’ you will always create the same
thing as you have a limited view of what order is” Karla Ness (our fearless art camp leader )

 “It’s not our facility as artists people want to see – it’s
our soul”, Jill Waterhouse, Installation artist and fellow art camp participant

 Completing a piece successfully is a very, very sweet thing

 Failure (experimentation) opens up new possibilities and
directions for further experimentation and of course more failure. However out
of that chaos something will begin to take shape and you just need to follow
your instincts and trust the process.

 Feedback is essential – the piece I completed is a much
better piece because of the feedback and critique process.