Artist Way Summer Camp Kickoff

40d3828fd7a067bae6a82110.L._AA240_ Coach Laura Biering and I are passionate about fostering more authentic, creative expression and we know that the classic program by Julia Cameron based on her book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, WORKS! We are launching an Artist's Way Virtual Summer Camp set to begin June 2 and run through the summer.

To introduce you to The Artist's Way we are offering a free intro/kick off call.

The Artist’s Way Virtual Summer Camp
FREE Intro/Kick Off Call
TUESDAY, May 19 or THURSDAY 21, 2009
1 pm PT, 4 pm ET

Whether you want to discover your creativity for the first time ever, recover it after not having seen it for a while, or even if you don’t think you are creative at all, you will leave this rich, informative call with great tools and momentum to move forward!

Here's what you will get from the FREE Kick Off Call:Bigstock-creativitySm

* Two essential creativity tools you can begin using right away.

* An introduction to the connection between creativity, spirituality and authenticity.

* 10 “Rules of the Road” that will support your creative development.

* Inspiration and encouragement about what’s possible when you open to greater creativity.

* Introduction to the Artist Way Virtual Summer Camp, the 12 week program, the bonfire circles, the cabin assignments, the mail call, the fun, the challenges, the learning and the camaraderie.

  We hope you will join us! Learn more here

Artist’s Way Revisited

40d3828fd7a067bae6a82110.L._AA240_ I’ve recently been getting re-acquainted with The Artist’s
Way: A Spiritual Path for Greater Creativity
by Julia Cameron. I’m surprised
and pleased with how relevant it all still is – and how coach like. Julia was as
much a life coach as she was a creativity coach long before it became a

There seems to be a resurgence of interest in creativity,
spirit and authentic expression these days. Maybe it goes hand in hand with the
financial challenges in the country. Everyone seems to be simplifying,
re-evaluating values and shifting away from a material focus. With that comes a
need to be a lot more creative – with time and resources.

The Artist’s Way, I’m finding, is the perfect vehicle for
re-engaging that creativity. Not only do the suggested actions help you re-discover
wonder, many of them also help you challenge and de-clutter all that is
limiting, including; nay saying friends, ratty clothes in your closet and all
those pesky beliefs that get in the way.  

Here’s one of the many creative exercises from T he Artist's Way – just to get you thinking;

“List twenty things you enjoy doing (rock climbing,
roller-skating, baking pies, ….” Once you have your list, write down the last time you did
each item. Now the really fun part – pick one or two to schedule into
your week. What a gift to create time to do the things that bring joy.