The Friday Spark – Starting Over

This weeks Sparker is from The Wake Up Call by Dara Fulkerson.  A wake-up call is our own Self, signaling the beginning of transition, and It wants us to be conscious as the transition occurs.

The Wake-Up Call –
Starting Over

If a life-changing wake-up call has rocked our world, then
starting over in some aspect of life is inevitable. There are several typical approaches: re-create what we had, loved and enjoyed; do
the opposite of what didn’t work that led to the wake-up call; or create
something we always wanted that we believe will make us happy.

There is also an unconventional option: letting go of all
ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, wants, desires, shoulds, self-images and visions
of the future – and allowing life to choose what’s next. In our pro-active, make-it-happen culture
this is heresy. But for most people,
some of the best things in life happened spontaneously without advanced thought
or planning. Without our agenda at work,
life delivered delightfully.

Make a list of all the
things you think should or shouldn’t be happening in your life, your beliefs
and ideas about the way your life and the world should work, everything you
know for sure, and a detailed description of your dream life. Now, be willing to be wrong about everything
you just wrote and for none of it to ever happen. See if you can relax and trust the creative
source of all life to bring what’s next.


“Imagine that you were able to
completely and absolutely give up control on every level. If you were able to give up control
absolutely, totally, and completely, then you would be a spiritually free

 from Emptiness Dancing
by Adyashanti

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