Emoticons – Perfect for EQ Work

EmoticonsEmoticons are an easy and popular way to express a feeling – even Facebook has embraced them. They make a perfect tool for anyone who works with emotional intelligence.

This great new deck called EmojiCARDS offer a fun way to play with emoticons in your group work and training programs. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, a training initiative, or for just plain fun.The cards invite participants to engage in conversation about their emotions, feelings, or experiences.

The cards cover a wide range of emotions an individual may experience and range from silly, happy, sad, enraged, confused, and even embarrassed.

Here's an excerpt from the review of this product I wrote for choice, the magazine of professional coaching Vol 13 Issue 4

"Since “EQ” is thought to be one of the strongest contributors to success, it is important for coaches to engage the topic in meaningful ways.

Whether you tackle the topic head-on through training or weave it into other work you do, the emojiCARD decks will make it easy…… it is so much easier to look at an emoticon and say yes, that’s frustration, that’s eager, that’s bored, that’s cool as a cucumber and that’s definitely a “gotcha” face.

"Coaching" happens via questions that facilitate exploration of the chosen card."

The deck is fun, accessible and a great addition to your tool box.

Learn More Here: EmojiCARDS