Inviting Shadow & Mystery

The image on the left is from a card deck called Fertile Ground. The images in the deck explore light and shadow and mystery. I find them richly provocative. Take some time with the reflective exercise below. The shadow and the mystery can hold surprises and open doors.
Take a moment and reflect on a current challenge or concern in your life or business.
Now use the image on the left as a spring board.
What emotions show up as you look at the image?
What associations come to mind?
What part of the image calls to you?
If that part of the image could speak to you, what would it say?
If the image were a book cover – what would the title of the book be?
Reflecting back to your initial challenge – what answer(or question) does this card give you?
Take some time with this. Come back to it later and ask again. I'd love to hear the impact the card has for you!
If you would like your own Fertile Ground Card Deck you can get it here: Fertile Ground