Great Find: The Goal Setting Tool Kit

GOALS-Coaching-Tools-Pack-233x300Emma-Louise over at the Coaching Tools Company is a genius at coming up with tools and processes you can use with clients and all of her tools are fully customizable. That means you can add your branding.
She has a special going on right now for The Goal Setting Tool Kit
8 goal-setting forms and tools:
1. 3 Month Vision Worksheet
2. Annual Goal Setting Worksheet (a 7 part process)
3. A Get Perspective Vision Worksheet
4. Goals Motivator – Find Your Hidden Treasure
5. Nail That Goal – (SMART Goal Setting Template)
6. The Rocking chair + Two Other Life Vision Exercises
7. Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming! Tool

You will find a full description of each of these forms and tools plus a link to an article on how and when to use them with clients at The Coaching Tools Company

Collage Making Software – Cool!

 Collage ct products 1I found a great way to make collages on your computer with images you have on file.

It's called Picture Collage Maker and you will find it at www.picturecollagesoftware.com

The simple collage on the left was created with the free version  however the fee based versions have a LOT more tools and options to play with. There are a ton of templates, you can put picture frames around your images, choose from a varity of masks, play with color, backgrounds and shapes and add text or clip art.You can print your collage, email it and convert it to a jpeg.

There are so many ways to use Picture Collage Maker – here are a few:

1. Use for creating a vision board

2. Create a collage for each value that you want to honor (works for goals too). Artcollage1

3. Create a collection of images from an event to use on a thankyou card or newsletter follow-up

5. Create a customized calendar (there are some cool calendar templates)

6. Create a collage image for a blog post or maybe an ebook cover

7, Use for scrapbooking or greeting cards (templates for this too).

A creative outlet and great way to create coaching structures and reminders. It's fun and they offer a free 15 day trial on the fee based versions – FYI – you do get a watermark on the free trial version.

Orbiting The Giant To Do List

Are you orbiting a giant to do list and having trouble getting anything done?
This happens to me when I get too many projects going at once – I think it's the bane of a creative person.


When this happens I return to a simple bit of time management advice I got many years ago;  choose the ONE thing that will move your project or your business forward and make sure you do it. It's so much easier to actually accomplish the ONE thing as opposed to a whole list of action steps and when done on a daily basis your most important goals are reached.

Because I have multiple projects going at once, I've expanded this bit of advice to help me identify the ONE THING per project and I've turned it into a visual worksheet. The worksheet helps you list a few key action steps and then narrow in on the ONE thing. You can even color in the worksheet  – use colored markers and  basically bring a little fun to the process – and on top of that coloring is great for reducing stress.

You can download the worksheet here; It's the Chunk It Down Worksheet  ENJOY!

How many items on your to do list right now will actually move forward an important project or grow your business? What is the ONE thing you can to today?

Response to a recent poll on goals

I ran across a poll recently at www.theartrepreneur.com asking artists if they had a plan and goals for their art career. A whopping 73% at last count did not have a clue where they were going next. I don’t think artists are alone in this. What is it about the whole idea of planning that has people run in the other direction. Even in the face of conventional wisdom and scientific studies that point to a greater chance of success with goals. Is it a resistance to a linear structure? A fear of success? Lack of faith in the ability to follow through? Not knowing how to create good goals?

Do you have a vision for yourself? Do you have goals?
Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

The poll inspired me to write an article – It’s posted on my coaching web site

 Up a Creek Without a Vision  by Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Is goal setting and creating a vision for your life and work difficult
for you? If so you are not alone. In a recent poll of 1086 artists –
only 7% had goals that were written down – most of them had no idea
what was next for them….. Read the full article here Up a Creek Without a Vision