The Friday Spark – Imaginary Friends

Well2sm This weeks Friday Spark is from Filling The Well

Imaginary Friends

Did you ever have an imaginary friend, someone you daydreamed about playing with when you were younger? Try this fun exercise to welcome them back.

Close your eyes and imagine you are walking in a place that is filled with enchantment…maybe a woodland, a sandy beach, or along a mountain trail. As you walk, ask for help with something specific, like: "How can I create a retreat that inspires and engages my community?"

As you hold the question, imagine a figure moving towards you. What is the first thing you notice about the guide who has come to your aid? Is this a person you know, someone you have consulted for support or advice, or does your helper take the form of an animal or mystical creature? Be open to receiving guidance from anything that shows up to answer your call.

Take as long as you like to walk, asking any questions, or simply enjoying the company of your wise helper. When you feel ready to part, ask if there is anything they want to share. Thank your visitor and invite them to visit again.

Awaken to the world of inner guidance. The next time you feel alone with a weighty decision, close your eyes and ask for the help of an imaginary friend. See who is waiting to come to your aid. Don’t be surprised when they show up on their own in dreams to share important information.

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