Coaching with visual images

I am very excited about a new product/process called Art
Guidance Coaching. It was created by Karin Bauer and I just posted my interview
with her on the Coaching Toys site.

Karin has turned her tangible product – Art Guidance Cards
into an online visual coaching program that allows a coach and a client to see
and work with the same image while on a call.  The use of imagery in coaching and counseling
is near and dear to my heart. In fact, I once started down the path to become
an art therapist (that’s a story for another time). What I know about the power
of using imagery is that it bypasses internal censorship and takes you to a different
and sometimes deeper place of knowing and meaning.

Part of the reason I’m excited about this is that I use an
imagery process with my in person clients now. The Art Guidance Coaching system
will allow me to offer a similar process to clients anywhere. Karin’s images are abstract paintings which
are rich and layered enough to allow for a broad range of responses.

Rather than fully describe how the process works I’ll point
you to the interview. In it, I allowed myself to be the subject of a coaching
demo. The process easily opened up new perspectives. I found it valuable and we only did a 15
minute session.

This product provides a way for you to offer something
really unique and powerful to your clients. Karin recommends a full hour for an
art guidance session so you could use it as a stand alone offering, an addition
to a group program or even a regular part of your one on one coaching. I’ve already signed up myself and can hardly wait to try it.

I will probably be raving about Art Guidance Coaching for

FYI – Art Guidance Coaching is now available in the Coaching Toys store.