Creative Self Discovery Prompt

Punctum-3Here's a great creative prompt from Punctum

The Punctum process invites you to think of a current challenge, question or opportunity and randomly select a picture, a word and a question as stimulus to explore perspectives and possibilities.
Take a moment to identify your challenge or question and then apply the following stimulus…..
Spend a moment with the picture
1. What do I see in the photo?
2. What detail is the most significant for me? Why?
3. What is missing from the photo? What would I add to it?
How do your answers connect with your challenge or concern?
Spend some time with the word – Devotion
What word has the opposite meaning?
Do I like or dislike this word? Why?
How does the word connect to the photo?
Would I connect a different word with the photo?
How do these responses connect with my challenge or opportunity?
Spend some time with the question:
What do I avoid?
Take your time with each part of this exercise and see what emerges for you. I know creative prompts like this always yield new insights for me. I hope it does for you too.

If you like this process (there are more questions in the full version) take a look at Punctum