The Friday Spark – Joy in a Jar

Each week I will post a Sparker from one of the Coaching Toys Sparker Team. This week is a Filling The Well Sparker from Suzanne Vadnais Monson. Its called Joy in a Jar. A perfect end of summer experiential.

Joy in a Jar

Our most direct link to the mind is through our
sense of smell. Use this to your advantage! Create a place to store the
smell of bliss.

strips of paper write down every dream you have, every passionate
desire you feel, everything you¹ve done to advance these visions into
living reality, and anything wonderful someone else has said or done to
help move you in the direction of joyful living.

Select a jar that
feels good in your hands and catches your eye, flea markets and thrift
stores have an abundant selection of old jars brimming with character.
Place the strips of paper in your jar and decorate it with things that
inspire you. Make a joy collage on your jar! I design with stickers,
glass paints, pressed flowers, fortunes from cookies, feathers,
wrapping the jar with a favorite necklace or bracelet, tinsel garlands
and ribbons, use anything that reinforces your sense of joy.

Fill your
jar with sweet smelling ingredients like small soaps, rose buds,
lavender, orange peels, pine cones, rocks scented with a favorite
essential oil, aromatic gifts you discover while walking in the woods.
Be creative and let your nose lead the way. When you feel your hope
fading, open the jar and take a deep breath. Pull out a few of the
inspired strips and read them out loud. Inhale the joy you feel into
every inch of your being.

Sparkers – Filling The Well © 2006 Suzanne Vadnais Monson for Coaching Toys Inc – Sparkers, all rights reserved.

Let us know how you like this Sparker. Tell us about your Joy in a Jar experience or better yet –  send a picture. To read more Sparkers by Suzanne visit our Sparkers Archives