Creating Irresistible Products

I’ve got a great new Tele-Seminar offering coming up next week on

Feb 7

Research Basics or How to Create An Irresistible Product

With myself and a very talented guest expert, Judith Sult

Don’t you love that word Irresistible

Irresistible ‘impossible to resist, having an overpowering appeal’
In other words, a product that sells like hot cakes, a product
retailers want to stock and a product media mavens like Oprah
want to feature.

So what would it be like to create with irresistible in mind?

I believe that one of the best ways to create something irresistible is to know your market, your audience. When you know important things like; what your market wants, how they want it packaged and what they will pay for it, you’ve got a much better shot at hitting the mark.One of the best ways to get that information is through – you guessed it, market research.

I know many of you creative types hear the words market research and want to run screaming in the opposite direction – yikes – it’s too hard, it’s boring, it will stop the creative flow, it will interrupt momentum.

Try thinking of it this way – it’s all about doing the two-step with market research as your partner in a creative dance. Already sounds more fun doesn’t it? The truth is, the right information is invaluable and can increase your potential for success.

But where do you start? where do you find the right information? I had some of the same questions. thats why I went in search of a market research expert and created this tele-seminar,

I found her. Judith Sult from Here’s How Marketing has agreed to spill the beans on all the right ‘how to’s when it comes to market research and she promises to make it fun!

It is our intention to shift some of those old perspectives, blast away any lingering fears you have about research and invite your full creative and curious selves to try on this research hat. We will shed light on the little known fact  that market research can be easy and fun! It can be an integral and exciting partner in the creative process.

We have a jam packed hour planned, filled with information and tools you can use immediately as you develop your own product ideas and plan your marketing strategies.

Join us for this info-packed 1 hour Tele-seminar- only $37.

Market Research Basics or How To Create An Irresistible Product
With Marcy Nelson-Garrison and Guest Expert Judith Sult

Wednesday February 7
1pm ET, noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT
Don’t worry if you can’t make the scheduled time,
registered participants will get access to an MP3 recording of the call.

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I really think this will be one of the best and most informative sessions in the Passion to Product series – For more information, read on