Diving Deep With Clients


The pairing of an expressive medium like collage with the concept of inner "mapping" can pave the way for powerful insights and transformation. This is what makes the JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit so much more than a "Kit". It really is a process for deep personal exploration.
New perspectives, new awareness, new insight translate into more possibilities and choices for your clients (and yourself). JourneyCircles™ can easily facilitate depth work.
How to use JourneyCircles™- Individual Work with clients 

Lets' take just ONE of the Seven Transformation Card Templates - AWAKEN Your Authentic Truth

Imagine holding the question with your client over a period of time - What is it to awaken to your own authentic truth?
Invite your client to create a collage on the Awaken Your Authentic Truth Template.
As your client holds this inquiry and explores it through imagery, a wealth of new insights and connections will emerge.  
As coach or therapist you have an opportunity to deepen and expand on what shows up. Explore with your client the images, the meaning they attach to them and the energy present when they share their collage.  Trust your coaching/counseling instincts and follow the clients lead. You will have rich and wonderful material to work with.
Group Work
Any one of the seven Transformation Cards could be the focus of a group process or even a day long workshop. Imagine a day long focus on Awaken Your Authentic Truth or Ignite Your Creative Fire. 
If it's a group coaching program or a therapy group, a collage is always a great group activity or homework suggestion. Choose from the Transformation Cards mentioned above or choose the Spectrum Cards which are intended to capture personal stories and explore themes of light and shadow.  You can also invite participants to choose the template that speaks to them. 
Whether participants create the collage in the group or privately, sharing a collage in a group offers powerful stimulus for discussion and learning for everyone. Images tap into more than conversation alone does. 
Whether you are a coach or a therapist, JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit can have a profound impact on your groups and individual work. 
What comes in the package
The JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit provides templates and exercises that guide you to "unpack your stories" and
explore principles like authentic truth and sacred power. You are invited to explore "themes" in your life, explore shadow and light and find symbols that empower. 
10691178c107477ba65f270b3b238cc0It includes:  
  • One – JourneyCircles™ Guidebook
  • Twelve – Spiral Path Cards – 6”
  • Fourteen – Transformation Cards – 4”
  • Six – Spectrum Cards – 5 1/4 x 8 1/4”
  • Three – Compass Cards – 3”
  • all in a JourneyCircles™ Mini Tote
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