Women Can Do Anything

I was recently interviewed for an article (along with several other interesting entrepreneurs) in a great web ezine called Woman Can Do Anything. The article is called 
I Have an Idea: Now What?
written by Lorette C. Luzajic  www.thegirlcanwrite.net

Here’s the intro;

Poor Marge Simpson—she’s tried real estate, carpentry, pretzel sales,
popsicle-stick art and the police force, but always ends up dejected.
Marge has plenty of ideas but none of them ever see fruition.

Then there’s a different Marj. WCDA Business Member Marj Sawers, the dynamo of Business Connectory,
started selling snack-sized cups of handpicked blueberries to train
passengers when she was eight. Later, she tried wedding shows and
planning, trendspotting, connecting businesses with services, website
hosting, connecting neighbours online and mentoring. And she still does
it all!

I bet if we took a random poll and asked women if they ever feel
like the first Marge, every last one of us would raise her hand.

The secret to success
Or would we? Coaching expert Marcy Nelson-Garrison says…..

To find out what I had to say go here;
I Have an Idea: Now What?