Shift limiting beliefs effortlessly

The One Command is a deep and simple meditation technique to
help shift limiting beliefs and allow manifestation. It’s actually a pretty
cool process and I have been using it myself with success. The "One Command"
refers to a statement you make when in a deeply relaxed state called theta. It
begins “I don’t know how I (fill in the blank) I only know I am and I am
fulfilled. It’s simple and yet saying those words, “I don’t know how” seems to
immediately quiet the critical part of the mind and allow the statement in.

I’ve posted an interview I conducted with coach and
theta healer Michele Bergh who explains it all clearly and even guides
you through an experience of it. The audio is posted on the Coaching Toys site.
 Michele has created a CD on The One
Command – stay tuned as we will have it available in the Coaching Toys Store  soon. In the meantime – check out the podcast
  for an experience of The One