Take A Mini Break!

77cc5803ff0a428ca7a1bf0512725081There is abundant research pointing to the benefits of mindfulness including; stress reduction, increased insight and improved memory and focus. Taking mini breaks, especially during times you are really busy can keep you grounded and focused.

Here are three short mindfulness exercises from a deck called Growing Mindful by clinical psychologists Mitch Abblett and Chris Willard.

  1. Heartfulness
    Place one hand palm up in the other hand. Then place both over your heart. close your eyes. Notice sensations, notice emotions, as you take three breaths.

  2. The Tree
    Stand tall with the confidence of a huge tree. Breathing in, I see myself as a tree… Breathing out, I fee confident and strong….. Repeat for 5 breaths.
  3. Don't Just Do Something
    Sit there, doing nothing, for one full minute. My invitation is to choose a favorite and use it frequently in the coming weeks.