Why Momentum Stalls Out and What To Do About It

MomentumYour momentum is driven by your “Will”, the energetic force that gets you into action. It helps you actually get your ideas created and implemented in your business. The six stages of “willing” described in The Act of Will by Roberto Assagioli offer a helpful framework, especially if you are stalling out on your project. Knowing what stage you are in can provide insight on how to get back into action.

Purpose, Motivation and Intention
As you think about business strategies and products you might create, it’s important to have them aligned with your purpose and to make sense in your business model. You also want to feel excited about it. Creating from purpose arouses motivation. So your first question in response to a product or business idea is “why am I wanting to create this?”

Once you have an idea, exciting as it is, take some time to reflect on it from both a strategic perspective and from an intuitive one. I often invite clients to imagine the idea completed and explore what that looks like. Where does it take them, what doors open up etc. Products often have a life of their own so the important question to ask yourself: “Is that where I want to go?”

Choice and Decision
Once you have deliberated and are clear that yes, this idea has energy and it will take you and your business where you want to go, you make the decision to pursue it. The decision is not about “trying”, it is about a commitment to do it.

Declaring your choice and your decision in the form of an “I Will” statement activates it. It is about embracing certainty, faith and conviction. It is often helpful at this stage to post your “I Will” statement where you can see it. Making it visual also empowers the statement so consider creating a collage or draw a picture of your finished product.

Planning and working out a program
This is about breaking your project down into steps and setting milestones for yourself. This process outlines how the action will unfold, deadlines to meet and resources needed.

Direction of the execution
You have your decision, commitment and plan. This stage of “will” acts as command central and directs the action. It harnesses your energy, talents, imagination, intellect and heart to move forward.

If you feel stalled with your project – take a moment to reflect on each of these stages to identify where the problem is. Are you motivated by purpose or calling? Is it the right project for you? Have you fully committed? Do you have a workable plan? Once you know whats going on you can correct it.

Remembering your own intentions

Do you ever set an intention and then conveniently forget
it? Maybe the next day around noon you think – oh yah, I was going to only look
at email only twice a day or I was going to drink 8 glasses of water
today.  New habits, shifts in thinking or
behavior take focus and frankly – reminding, to break the default grove. There
are a lot of fun ways to remind yourself; wear a wrist band with a message, put
up post it notes, add a reminder to your screen saver.  If you are like me – any given structure
lasts about 2-3 weeks and then I don’t notice it any more – I’m always on the
lookout for new ways to remind and inspire myself.

 Here is a brand new way that is fun and colorful – it’s a
product called Thought SpotsThese 'spots' are made out of that
clinging vinyl material so you can use them over and over and they stick on
glass, metal, plastic – any shiny surface. MOTIVATE01-2-sm

The messages come in themed thought packs like self love and
acceptance and motivation. Imagine having a message on our computer or white
board that says “I am enough” or “live with passion” or “try something that
scares you”

It’s a great concept and it’s now available in the Coaching
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