Friday’s Spark – New Possibilities

Frameperson This weeks Sparker is from Reframe the View by Christie Latona
Using the power of metaphor to reframe what’s limiting you and to discover what’s possible.

New Possibilities

As a rose bush grows new shoots, the growing of thorns occurs in a perfect thorn to stem ratio. The thorns beneath the beautiful flowers provide a system of defense that is always there without the rose having to do anything but grow. This caused me to wonder:

Is there something like a thorn to stem ratio built into my DNA?
Are my defense mechanisms organic and triggered by growth?
Or are they triggered by something else (e.g., fear, loss of control, etc.)

Intuitive impulses that warn us of danger or make us suspicious are an example of one kind of organic human defense mechanism. This wariness can help us mitigate threats by crafting new solutions or it can shut us off from possibility. Sometimes our intuitive sense tells us to avoid the very situations where our next lessons and breakthroughs lie.

If you are facing a decision and one choice seems to send up intuitive red flags, ask: What would it take for me to say "yes"? Collect these answers and watch some new possibilities emerge which allow you to smell the roses without getting pricked too badly by the thorns.

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