Next UnBoxed Brain – A Powerful Fable for Clients

Princess_frcov200 Our Next Unboxed Brain Call features the mother daughter duo who authored the book: A Princess and Her Garden, Becoming the Queen of Yourself. The book is a powerful fable of awakening and arrival.  The books authors, Patricia Adson PH.D and Her daughter Jennifer Van Homer BS MSC CHIC, are committed to helping women protect, nurture and care for themselves in new and empowered ways.

I had a conversation with the two of them recently and you will be moved by their passion and wisdom! If you tend to care for others and neglect yourself the material will touch you personally.  You will also learn how to use this powerful fable with your clients. There will be a wonderful experiential component to the call so  you will want to be there in person for it.


You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the difference between self-care and selfishness.
  • A new vocabulary to use to in talking about dependency and people pleasing that doesn’t sound like psychobabble or make the listener feel guilty.
  • A practical do-it-yourself way to re-write their own life stories and design their own futures by using a guided journal to apply these metaphors to their own lives.

The Call is TODAY

Thursday Dec. 8, 11am Pacific – 2pm Eastern

It's not to late to sign-up

It promises to be a great call. Hope to see you there!

Register Here:  UnBoxed Brain, A Princess and Her Garden