Art Camp – The Edge

It’s thursday morning and I don’t have a lot of time – it’s my last full day at art camp and I can’t wait to dive in – I have so many ideas to experiment with, things I want to try and pieces I want to finish- I feel invigorated and can’t wait to get started. Yesterday was the day of getting pushed out of my comfort zone. It is that very thing that is opening up new possibilities and offering juicy questions.

Our guest artist Christine Bauemler offered informal group discussions and 1:1 sessions with each artist. Her insight, expertise and eye for whats happening in the work – and whats not happening is extraordinary. She is extraordinarily adept at drilling down to the essence of whats most important to you as an artist.

I have been challenged to let the beautiful edges of my pieces show and in fact to intentionally play with them – I’m still surprised at the resistance I have to that. I had always seen them as superfulous overflow – never as part of the art and they would get covered up with the mat. Because of how I defined "art" I was absolutely blind to the possibility there . 

As a coach – I’m impressed with how this acts as a metaphor for my life and I’m seeing it in others work as well. So many great questions arise from this

Where is my edge?
What am I blind to?
What do I cover up?

there are more – and I have to run – What are the questions that you see?