The Friday Spark

This week’s creative spark is from Filling The Well, Spirited Nourishment for Creative Trailblazers, Simple Ways to Sprinkle a Little Soul Into Your Daily Life by Suzanne Vadnais Monson

Go With The Flow

How do you handle change? Think back to a time when you were in a new situation, changed jobs, moved, started a relationship, or took those often-awkward first steps toward an important goal. What comes to mind as you relive these squirmy moments?

For many of us, change brings out our biggest fears. Something about not knowing what is happening triggers our deepest insecurities. We lose our ability to focus on the present moment because we are convinced the sky is falling. We forget to breathe, lose faith, and imagine the worst.

During times of transition we are given the opportunity to learn more about who we are and the world we live in. What simple steps can you take to help ease yourself through change? Pay attention to activities that help ground you, little rituals that fill you with comfort and a sense that you can trust the flow of your life. When you catch yourself going off the deep end, remind yourself to choose curiosity over fear, and give this simple ceremony a try.

Visit a stream or river and sit quietly at its side. Meditate for a moment on how the moving water isn’t worried about the constant state of flux that is the life of a stream. It simply drifts by on its journey to the oceans. Ride the current, swim with the possibilities, wash away your worries and ride the waves. If there is a particular situation you are having difficulty with, offer it to the stream. Find a leaf or feather to symbolize your issue. Place it on the surface of the stream, while repeating these words aloud: Let this gift symbolize my desire to flow with the changes in my life. If you don’t have access to a real live stream, use your imagination to visualize completing this powerful exercise.

Though it is uncomfortable not having the answers or a sense of what the next step is, it is in the process of exploring new opportunities that we grow. Change. It’s a given. Visualize yourself moving gently down the stream of your life.

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