Inviting In Qualities

I want to share a powerful grounding exercise that is useful before going into a situation where you want to be your best or that might be challenging.   It is an adaptation of the Navajo "Beauty Before Me" prayer.
Choose 1-5 qualities  you want to invite. To experience this now – choose qualities that will serve you in this moment. A quality might be integrity or playfulness or courage or respect or…..whatever you need to invite in.
The grounding will walk you though putting the qualities chosen behind you, in front of you, to the left, the right, above, below, within and all around. 
Before beginning, get a "feel" for each quality. Imagine the energy of it, feel it in your body, give it a color or texture or sound -  whatever works for you to bring it alive. 
As you read this – insert your chosen qualities in the space provided – feeling the energy of the statement and envisioning the quality present and powerful. 
I place the quality of…….. behind me
I place the quality of…….. before me
I place the quality of…….. to the left of me
I place the quality of…….. to the right of me
I place the quality of…….. above me
I place the quality of…….. below me
I place the quality of…….. within me
I place the quality of…….. all around me
Now, take this power into your day!
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Remembering your own intentions

Do you ever set an intention and then conveniently forget
it? Maybe the next day around noon you think – oh yah, I was going to only look
at email only twice a day or I was going to drink 8 glasses of water
today.  New habits, shifts in thinking or
behavior take focus and frankly – reminding, to break the default grove. There
are a lot of fun ways to remind yourself; wear a wrist band with a message, put
up post it notes, add a reminder to your screen saver.  If you are like me – any given structure
lasts about 2-3 weeks and then I don’t notice it any more – I’m always on the
lookout for new ways to remind and inspire myself.

 Here is a brand new way that is fun and colorful – it’s a
product called Thought SpotsThese 'spots' are made out of that
clinging vinyl material so you can use them over and over and they stick on
glass, metal, plastic – any shiny surface. MOTIVATE01-2-sm

The messages come in themed thought packs like self love and
acceptance and motivation. Imagine having a message on our computer or white
board that says “I am enough” or “live with passion” or “try something that
scares you”

It’s a great concept and it’s now available in the Coaching
Toys Store.