2013 “Art Of The Heart” Product Award – Voting Begins!



As part of our ongoing 10 Year Anniversary celebration,  It’s time to select the Coaching Toys 2013 "Art Of The Heart" Product Award. This is award number 3 and the last one to be awarded in this series.

The“Art Of The Heart ” product award category is all about the ‘heart’ of being human; connecting with spirit, intuition, personal growth and deep acknowledgement. The four product finalists are all standouts in this category. Take a look and vote for your favorite!

Introducing the four nominees for the "Art Of The Heart" Product Award:

1. Enrichuals Cards
Encouragement, wisdom and inspiration are at the heart of this delightful deck of 64 cards.  Each card has
SVM-EC01-2Tan engaging collage image on one side and powerful writing on the other. The words on each card are rich, wise and packed full of ideas, exercises and perspectives to ponder. One card might encourage you to create a joy jar, another to create a collage of possibility, another might offer a new perspective or invite you to stretch a little. Very few card decks pack so much in. Whether used as a journal prompt, part of a daily ritual, or even in a workshop setting, these cards celebrate the human spirit and invite growth. Another powerful contender for the “Art Of The Heart” Product Award.



2. Manifest Magnificence with Kids

If you are looking for a fun, meaningful way to nurture a child’s self-esteem, Manifest Magnificence for Kids
SHN-MM01-2is a perfect choice. The images on the cards appeal to the child in all of us and the affirmations are perfect for children. “I am” is such a powerful statement. “I am an explorer”, “I am amazing”, “I am growing” and “I am original” are all examples from the deck. The intention behind this deck is important for all of us as our children are our future. Imagine the impact of a colorful affirmation card stuck in your child’s book bag or lunch box every day. A child’s confidence effects all areas of their lives from ability to learn to interactions with others. This product is loaded with passion and heart and stands tall in the “Art Of The Heart” Product Award category.

Manifest Magnificence with Kids


3. Spirit Cards

Simple and sacred are the two words I would use to describe the Spirit Cards. The words are paired with a 
Spiritcards-cropsimple affirmation. The words in the red box are paired with the affirmation  “I Am…” The words in the orange box are paired with “I Will…..”. The look, feel and energy of these cards always puts me in a ritual state. The words fit in the palm of your hand and if you take a moment, you can fe el the prayerful energy infused into them by their author. Take a deep breath, center yourself and draw a card. The word you choose, paired with the affirmation will touch your soul in just the perfect way, as if spirit is tapping you on the shoulder and whispering….you are love….you are freedom…you are powerful, you are…..  Spirit Cards definitely exemplify “Art Of The Heart. 

Spirit Cards


4. Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit

Creating a vision for your life is a powerful gift to give yourself and the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit takes
ULVK-croppedit to a new level. This very cool kit  invites you into a creative, artistic process that engages your heart, captures your vision and elicits energy every time you look at it. Making your vision visual allows you to touch, see and enjoy the energy of it whenever you want. Creating a vision is an act of courage for many. It is declaring out loud and on paper – this is what I want, this is who I am. A perfect contender for the “Art Of The Heart” Product Award.

Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit

Now it's TIME TO VOTE!!!!!

It's up to you to determine who will WIN the Coaching Toys 2013 "Art Of The Heart" Product Award.

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Voting Ends September 10, 2013 at 6pm Central Time.