Flow, Superman & Ultimate Human Performance

Unnamed (1)Have you been listening to any of the WBECS speakers?  One of my favorites was Jamie Wheal from the Flow Genome Project. He spoke about "FLOW" and it sparked my curiosity so much, I went in search of more.
I found a great YouTube video featuring Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler giving a talk at Google called "The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance"
The video shares the science of flow and how to apply it. They acknowledge that Creativity is in great demand today and it's hard to "teach" people to be creative. The exciting thing is that flow states seem to teach creativity. Flow states also greatly increase happiness. Jamie and Steven say that "In flow, motivation and creativity skyrockets". This has huge potential in the workplace and in just about any activity.  Carve out some time and check it out.
And by the way, WBECS – World Business and Executive Coaching Summit is still going on. The speakers have been phenomenal (all free) Check it out here: WBECS