Workshop Ideas

I get calls all the time from coaches and counselors asking
which creative tools would work best for a workshop they are creating. While it often
depends on the market you are targeting and the topic at hand, there are two
card decks that I refer people to alot because they are so adaptable to any

The first is a deck called One Hat At A Time Hat1 Momentum Cards. This is my all time favorite tool for perspective shifting,
ice breaking and personal exploration in a group setting. The deck is comprised
of whimsical images of hats; a miners hat, a jesters hat, a chef’s hat, you get
the idea. Here is an example of just one way to use the deck. As facilitator, choose
4 different hats – put one in each corner of the room. Ask participants to go
stand in the corner with the hat that most reflects how they see themselves
relative to whatever topic you are discussing. Encourage discussion between
participants gathered around the same hat. Next have them go to the hat that is
most uncomfortable for them – more discussion. Ask them to explore what would be
possible from this hat. You can see the coaching possibilities. There is also an excellent group facilitation guide
available and it’s downloadable.


 The second most recommended deck is called Chiji Processing Cards. This is a deck of cards with simple graphic images on them
which can help participants use metaphor. What workshop couldn’t be enlivened
by a bit of metaphor – it’s a great way to open up expression and
understanding. It’s a great tool to use for introductions. For example ask
workshop participants to choose a card that reflects their intention for the
workshop or that reflects something about them that is not readily apparent.. The
images are also useful to process a group experience or exercise – have participants
to choose an image that reflects their reaction to something or their
experience in an exercise. Images tend to get past the language centers more
easily and open up greater depth in the processing.