Take a Power Break

How often have you thought to yourself, I need a day off, or maybe even a full week off to finally rest and recharge.

If you are waiting, waiting, waiting for that ‘big’ chunk of time off, you are depleting your reserves fast.

Contrary to what most believe, you don’t need a big chunk of time off to fill the well.

I know, big, long breaks are heavenly and you don’t need to wait to get filled up.

Try a power-break instead, or lots of power breaks!

I noticed something interesting recently when I hit a wall and needed a break.

I thought, I’ll just leave my office for awhile, play some games on my device and then get back to work. I did that, but every so often, I paused…I noticed how the sun was coming into the room, I enjoyed the patterns of light on the floor, I savored the warmth, I could hear the birds outside. And then I went back to playing games.

Here’s what I noticed. The game playing quieted my busy mind, but didn’t fill me up in any way – BUT, those moments of being with the sun coming in through the window did. That was the Power Break!

This can be done anytime, anywhere.

It’s about mindfully bringing your full attention and in particular your senses to the moment.

Being with the view out your window….being with the sounds in your environment…noticing the details of a treasured object. All of these types of moments can recharge you and bring you back to center!

In Positive Intelligence, they are referred to as ‘reps’. In part because repetition helps develop the ability to be in the moment with more ease and experience the benefits.

Next time you feel stressed because you are running fast and furiously…pause…turn away from your work for a moment. Look out a window or at something interesting in your environment and be with every exquisite detail. It will take the edge off and begin to fill your well.