CreativeCreativity is essential to creating products, writing books and growing a business and there is a common misconception around it.
Here’s something I hear all the time:
“Creativity requires a big block of time and I just don’t have it. “
This is a myth!
You do need to commit time to the creative process but you do not need a BIG block of time ( a full day, weekend or even a sabbatical)
There are a couple of important discoveries coming out of  the field of neuroscience about “flow” that give us a map of whats needed.  Flow is that feeling of being in the zone, totally focused and in which time slows down. In this state,  being and doing kind of merge.
These three research findings are important for us: 
Creativity jumps 500%-700% when you are in a “flow” state  or in the “zone”.  
The impact of being in a flow state (I'm talking brain chemistry here) lingers for 3-5 days.
A 3 hour work cycle is optimum for “flow” to be experienced.
The map
If you want to devote time to a creative project this summer (a perfect time for creating by the way) here is what I would recommend in terms of time commitment.
Schedule 3 hour work sessions. Make sure this is uninterrupted time. The goal is intense, focused work on ONE creative project that is important to you. This will set the stage for getting into a “flow” state.
Schedule additional short sessions to work on your project (30-60 minutes). These smaller chunks of time will capitalize on the lingering effects of the “flow” state. By connecting to your project frequently (daily is ideal) you don’t waste time getting re-acquainted with your project. It will stay fresh.
Working on your project consistently keeps the intuitive, creative juices flowing when you are at rest and doing other things. Don’t be surprised if ideas show up unexpectedly.
To recap – the key to getting your product or program done is not a single BIG block of time but 3 hour blocks of time in a flow state followed by consistent short chunks of time engaged with your project.
Besides the fact that flow states are addictive, the flow state also silences the inner critic! That alone is a great reason to to carve out that 3 hours of uninterrupted focused work time.
Now go get your planner and schedule some "flow" time. There are products and programs for you to create that no one else can!
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