The Secret to More Flow

Getting into a ‘flow state’ or ‘the zone’ ensures that your best work gets the attention it deserves. Did you know that creativity jumps 500%-700% when you are in the flow state? And the brain chemicals that are a part of that flow state stay for 3-5 days, so the effects continue to work. Awesome, Yes?

When you are in the FLOW state…all the angst in the world just kinda fades away. You are fully in the moment, time passes quickly, the gremlin chatter vanishes and it allows your best, most innovative work to emerge.

And on top of all that, it feels really good!

How to get into the FLOW State with more ease.

There are activities that naturally invite the flow state. In fact, they are called High Flow Activities. These are the things you love to do, that engage you fully. They often feel like play. It can be anything from …skiing, running, reading, dancing, cooking, making art. They are things you do just for the sake of enjoyment.

The secret is that the more you do those things, (shoot for at least once a week) the more you train your brain to enter the flow state. Cool, yes?

Having more flow, leads to more flow.

And more flow means increased performance and powerful creative work.

Finally, a scientific reason to play more!