This week’s creative spark is from The Creative Journey, An adventure in self-discovery and healing through art and play by Barb Kobe

The Herald

What is calling to you?

A Call (in the mythical sense) invites you into a life journey, offering you the opportunity to face the unknown and gain something of physical or spiritual value. It is your call to growth, change or new insight. It can come boldly as a "transformative crisis," a sudden, often traumatic change in our lives or it can sneak up on us gradually, with our first perception of it being a vague sense of discontent, imbalance or incongruity in our lives.

The Herald is a person, place, experience or thing that calls you to the journey. It can be an actual person, an illness, a change, a poem; anything that tends to wake you to what’s happening within and outside of you. The Herald will continue to call you until one day you have no choice but to answer the call. 

Stop and do a mindful consideration of what is going on in your life right now. 

Are you struggling with an issue that begs for your attention?  Do you feel fearful that if you went toward this struggle that you would lose control, maybe even lose the sense of knowing who you are? The seeds of problems and conflicts are already present here waiting to be activated.  A Herald may be calling you to pay attention to something important that will send you in a new direction.   

One way to approach this exploration is to imagine that you are writing a story, fairy tale or myth; begin with the words, “Once upon a time….”  Name yourself as the Hero and what is the Herald calling you to.  Title the work, “Coming Home to Myself”

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