This weeks Sparker is from Reframe the View by Christie Latona
Using the power of metaphor to reframe what’s limiting you and to discover what’s possible.

Reverse Scavenger Hunt

Remember the thrill of going on a scavenger hunt? You and your friends were given a list of random objects and you raced around trying to see who could find the most objects within a given time frame?

A reverse scavenger hunt is the process of finding a random object and then using that object to frame or reframe something that is important to you and that is weighing you down.

So, right now, go and find a random object and bring it back to your computer screen. Please don’t read further until you do. I’ll wait.

Now write down a role you are playing that feels a bit off or that could use some deeper understanding or reframing (e.g., Spouse, Parent, Leader, etc.)

Allow the role and random object to interact by asking questions like:
• How is your random object like the role you’ve written down?
• Where does the metaphor of the object take you? How do you want to reframe the role?

For example, let’s say the role you wrote down was “small business owner” and your random object was a dried floral arrangement. When you ask yourself the questions, you might think: My business is like the vase that provides a container for all my passion and ideas. I enjoy trying to arrange these things in a pleasing way, but some of the things I’m arranging are dried out. My small business owner role would be much more satisfying to me if instead of arranging old dried ideas, I was actually planting, watering and weeding projects that were alive and didn’t require my arranging to be of value.

There are no right or wrong answers, just discoveries. See what joy awaits you at the end of your reverse scavenger hunt. Are you game?

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