Sparkerfilling This week’s creative spark is from Filling The Well, Spirited Nourishment for Creative Trailblazers, Simple Ways to Sprinkle a Little Soul Into Your Daily Life by Suzanne Vadnais Monson

Today’s Gift

I walk the same route every morning before my work day begins. I listen to the birds, breathe in the early morning fresh air, and notice the details of the world around me. I usually find comfort in the ritual of this daily exercise.

And some days I have to force myself to walk. It’s too muggy, or too cold, or I have too much work to do, or I just want to sleep in. On these days I look for little things to enliven my step.

Here’s what I found today:

  • A man walking with prayer beads, quietly chanting, greeting me with warm brown eyes when our paths crossed.
  • A pure black bunny.
  • A woman running along the lake in a perfectly coordinated outfit, smiling and inviting me to have a fabulous day.
  • A couple with the matching shelties, deep in conversation.
  • A woman marveling over how cool and dark it was.
  • A red fox, pausing three times to turn and yip some mysterious greeting.
  • The thick scent of pine trees.
  • A perfect pink sunrise kissing the horizon.

I am reminded that every time I muster the determination to put on my walking shoes and head outside I am rewarded. No walk is routine. There is always a gift. I only have to open my door and put one foot in front of the other. To help me stay present with my walking program, I make note of my favorite gift from each walk when I return. Some days all I need to do to motivate myself is read my gift list.

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