This week’s Creative Spark is from Practicing Oneness, Gentle encouragement and inspiration for choosing love instead of fear and connection instead of separation . . .  by Ann Strong

Calm Your Cynic

Our inner cynical voice will not help us create our ideal life, and yet, we often let it run the show.  You know the voice – the one that says, “it will never work, you tried before and couldn’t do it, you aren’t good enough, you don’t know how, you’ll just get hurt.”  And then asks, “who do you think you are, why bother, when would you ever find the time?”  The cynic stops us before we ever take our first step.

Next time you hear the cynic, try something new.  Give it a voice.  Allow it to run its course and write down all of its comments.  Get it out of you and onto the paper.  Write until the voice is finally silent. 

Then review your notes and begin a new list – one that declares all the self-limiting concepts you want to dump.  You may want to release fear, skepticism, anger, apathy, worry, indifference and/or hopelessness.  Imagine yourself putting these concepts in a mental dumpster or actually tear up the list and throw it away. 

Then make a third list – one that delegates to the highest part of yourself (whatever you believe that to be – God, Spirit, Higher Power, Source, All That Is) whatever you’d like to happen.  For example, if you’re working on getting more clients, you might delegate something like:  getting an abundance of clients easily and effortlessly, releasing whatever stands in the way of getting new clients, having fun getting new clients.

Allow your inner cynic to help you create whatever you desire.  By using the critical voice as a signal to become more present and consciously choose what you’d like, you have created a most unlikely ally!

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