If you have a program, product or a private coaching package, they all need some sort of sales page. The purpose of the sales page is to let your people know what it’s all about and invite them to sign up. Sounds simple enough, right?

But there are two big mistakes most people make that can hurt results.

Mistake #1: Failure to connect

When you speak at your reader instead of directly to them, there is a disconnect. Often I’ll see people say something like; The program provides step by step solution to xyz. It can feel kind of cold and detached when you are just describing your program without engaging your potential client. Instead try something like, I’m going to walk you through step by step so you can finally experience this goal you’ve been dreaming about forever. Can you feel the emotional difference?

Your potential clients want to feel seen and understood. They want hope of something better and they want to be personally invited. Begin to use ‘you’ more often. Like, hey client, are you feeling misunderstood and floundering? Let them know you understand, you’ve been there and there is indeed hope.

Sharing your experience or a client’s experience and speaking directly to your potential client are great ways to connect.

Mistake #2 : Focusing on features vs benefits

Do you know the difference between features and benefits? Features are things like; 8 weeks, 6 modules, handouts & worksheets, meet via zoom, recordings available etc. Benefits are what your client will take away, the transformation they will experience. It is all about the question ‘whats in it for me’?

Your potential clients buy the transformation they believe they will get. Period. The features are only relevant to them once they say yes to the transformation.

Here’s a few of examples of benefit statements from my programs:

  • Impact 1000’s of people and boost your credibility without spending years writing a book
  • Creative ways to break through the strategy straight-jacket, so you can create a heart-to-heart connection with your ideal clients.
  • Attract clients that stay longer and buy everything you create.

Getting the benefits clear can take a bit of work, but it’s so essential!
If you pay attention to just these two things, connection & benefits, your sales pages will begin to work better for you!