Whether you are promoting a free gift, doing a full-out launch or enrolling from a stage, it’s good to have a measure of how well you did. How do you measure success? And does your way of measuring give you useful information so you can improve your results?

This is where “metrics” comes in. Metrics is a fancy way of saying, look at your numbers. What do they tell you? But for creatives and heart focused entrepreneurs, the mention of metrics can cause a brain freeze.

But it’s not as complicated as you might think. Once you know some key numbers to look at and what they mean, you have information that will allow you to get even better results next time. I’m going to do a basic breakdown for a webinar and for an email campaign on what to track and why.

You will probably have a landing page for people to register for the webinar. This is the first thing to track.

Webinar Landing Page
How many visits did you get to that page?
How many of those visitors registered for the webinar?

What to look for.
You want as many people as possible to come to your page and register for the webinar. If a lot of people come to the page and very few register, there is a disconnect. In other words, it isn’t clear to the visitor why they should sign up.

Room for Improvement: Revisit the benefit statements on the landing page. Is the promise clear and compelling? Experiment with this and see if you get more of those visitors signing up.

The next place to look is the webinar itself.

Webinar Delivery
What percent of those registered actually showed up?
How many stayed to the end?
How many purchased your offer?

What to look for.
If you have a low sign-up-to-show-up ratio – take a look at the reminder emails. Are you sending them and do they remind the person why they will love this webinar?

If people stay to the end, they are engaged and interested – yeah! However, if they stay but don’t purchase, take a look at the webinar content. Did it set up the offer as the solution and did you articulate the transformation that will happen when someone purchases?

Room for Improvement: Beef up the reminders and revisit the content of the webinar.

Now let’s look at email campaigns. You will want to run each email sent through this same process.

Email Campaigns

Per email sent
What is the email subject line?
How many people was it sent to?
How many opened it?
How many clicked through to your offer?
How many purchased your offer?

What to look for.
How many people open your email gives you information about your subject line. Once they read the email, how many click through to the offer gives you information about the content of the email. How many purchased once on the sales page is information about the sales page.

Room for Improvement: Experiment with subject lines and pay attention to which ones get opened. Tweak the ones that don’t get opened. Revisit the email content to make it more compelling for the reader to want to click through.

Your numbers are your friend. It’s so good to know what’s working and what’s not. When something doesn’t deliver the results you expect, the numbers point you towards improvement and that’s way better than giving up.