Postcard collection 1

I'm a big fan of using visual imagery with
individual clients and with groups. Images are effective because they
bypass our language censors opening up new avenues for discussion,
sharing and insight. Pick-A-Postcard offers up a fun collection of
images and it's affordable.



Here are two simple ways to use imagery:


Imagery as an Ice Breaker or Introduction


Visual imagery works great as an
introductory exercise or as an ice breaker when you have a really great
open-ended question to set the stage.


I just had a conversation the other day with someone interested is using a visual image
exercise with a group of educators.  The question, "Who are you as a
teacher?" became the basis for the exercise.  Participants were asked to
choose a card that reflected who they were as a teacher. The ensuing
conversation was rich and insightful. Think about your next group. What
question would you use to set the tone of your event? I guarantee you,
answering the question through images will give you lovely surprises.
And you can always fall back on asking them to choose an image that says
something about them we can't see on the surface.


Imagery as a processing/debriefing tool


If you do experiential activities in your
workshops you know the importance of processing or debriefing the
experience. The simplest way is to ask participants to choose an image
that reflects what they learned. There is room to be creative. You might
ask them to choose an image that reflects where they were challenged or
to explore strengths that showed up. Sharing via the image actually
helps create safety to share more than they might otherwise and this
deepens the experience for everyone. It's a surprisingly powerful tool.


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