Walking The P.I.N.K. Circle, with Marcy Nelson-Garrison  

This is a powerful guided visualization I use frequently with my clients. It will connect you to your power, your imagination, your ability to nurture yourself and your ideas and to your deep wisdom and knowing.

It is most effective when you take a question that’s on your mind to the Circle. Here’s one suggestion: What do my ideal clients need me to create for them?

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Creating your own products & programs is a powerful form of self-expression, it’s an act of leadership and it’s strategic.It’s about YOU – creating from Power, Imagination, Nurturing & Knowing. It will grow you and your business.  

If you are ready to breakthrough and finally create what you are meant to create, working with me will ensure that you move forward with confidence and ease. I know how to take the fear out of it and honor your creative process.  I have a few openings right now for private clients.  

If you’re ready to leap… to apply your creativity to your business and get your ideas to market…and you know you need support and guidance to make it easy and successful…  

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