You just can’t plan everything. Sometimes situations show up that are unexpected and need you to divert your attention away from your original plan. This could be anything from a health concern for yourself or another, a big loss, a weather-related disruption or something else that couldn’t be planned for.

In these situations, we do what needs to be done. So, what do you do about your business? I recently received a diagnosis that requires surgery and healing time. It’s definitely disrupting business as usual. Here are some things I’m doing to get through it and keep my business moving forward with as little stress as possible.

Your Calendar
The first thing for me was to see what could be re-scheduled and what couldn’t. I started with private clients and removed coaching slots from my online calendar. Then I looked at other things I had scheduled. I definitely needed to push a planned launch out about a month. A workshop also got taken off the schedule until further notice.

I then focused on what could be done in advance, like reminder emails, a newsletter etc. I was lucky in that I had advance scheduling of the surgery so there was time to set things up. You may not have that luxury.

My virtual assistant was brought on board right away to see what she could take over while I’m out. I also have a coaching assistant for a group program who could facilitate work sessions and engage in the online group forum. The big thing on my list was a group program that has weekly mentor calls. I invited a colleague to lead the group and talk about a topic in her genius zone that I know my people will love. It’s a win win.

Open to Receive
People want to help and support you. Let them. This is not always easy. In my own case I had a story that it was no big deal, I’m going to be fine, so I can’t ask for much and you know, there are so many people in worse shape. If you notice this happening, pause, tune in to how you are feeling. Where are you feeling full and where are you not.

Your needs are your needs and they are okay. No matter what the disruption is in your life, it’s okay to lean into support and receive. I’m grateful that I let people in. It made it all so much easier.

Take the pressure off
Being a hyper-acheiver type, I had a long list of stuff I wanted to make sure got done before surgery. That mindset was doing me in. Everything started to feel hard and while the busy-ness kept my mind off the surgery, it created a new problem. I wasn’t preparing emotionally for healing. About 5 days before the surgery, I hit a wall. My soul was saying slow down. Be with what is. Busy-ness can keep us from feeling grief, sadness, fear, shock or other emotions related to what we are experiencing. I re-evaluated that long to-do list and decided the world won’t end if all these things don’t get done. Do what feels good and leave the rest. I took the pressure off. It made a difference.

I know my biggest challenge will be after surgery and the hyper-acheiver part of me will want to get cracking as soon as possible. My intention is to KEEP the pressure off and only do what feels good.

I hope you don’t have any unexpected events come up but know that if you do, you don’t have to maintain business as normal. You get to ask for help and lean into support. Do what you can to take the pressure off.